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Our Story

The Visionaries and the Doers

They were friends from college, where they studied computer science (modify this to suit your qualifications) and shared a common vision of using technology to provide a more refined and out of the ordinary solutions and experience for the customer.

The founder of the group, Thanash the visionary leader, had a knack for spotting opportunities and inspiring others. With a restless mind and thirst for business, Thanash is the driver in a sports car on steroids. He started TRYTEC at a young age of 17 and made leaps and bounds cementing his name in the IT industry.

Along with his college mates, he forged an alliance with the young talents, and became a bold and innovative startup providing fresh, out-of-the box solutions for customers. Partnerships and collaborations were made with like-minded individuals to take TRYTEC to the next level of business. Ideas were never in short, and the industry took notice of the accomplishments.

As years passed more opportunities and new partnerships came on board to expand the business nationwide and into neighbouring countries. Growth is inevitable and so do the challenges that come along with it. TRYTEC is destined to be a key player in the Technology and IT realm, and the team is ready for the next decade of giving back to the industry to help the MSMEs in Malaysia experience breakthroughs in how it is done here.

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Some of our amazing clients